Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Posted by PicasaI am having a clean out and no longer need these books. The inspirations are $3.00 each
Fresh cut flower $10
Projects with a spin $20
Creative Traditional Quiltmakin $3.00
East quilts West $20.00
Conway Album quilt $5.00
Harriet Hargreaves Machine Quilting $18.00

All  above prices + postage
If you need to know more or would like me to weigh items for postage then let me know
I will add some more tomorrow

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some more of my notepads
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Well I missed posting last week as I had one of those bugs going around, so will post two recipes this week

Curried Fish Pie

1 onion finely chopped
50 Grams butter
1 tablespoon chicken stock powder
1 tablespoon curry powder
1 litre milk
plain flour to thicken sauce
500 grams white fish (pink ling or flake work well, and I have used tinned tuna and salmon)
200 grams scallops
200 grams prawns ( I just use prawns if I have them)
mashed potato
grated cheese
chopped parsley
Melt butter and fry onion then add stock, curry powder and milk.
Simmer then thicken with plain flour mixed with a little milk
Add seafood and gently simmer until fish cooked.
Put in ovenproof dish, top with mashed potato, cheese and parsley
Brown under grill

Quick Chicken Curry

One cooked chicken ( I take the bones out)
1/2 packet dutch curry and rice soup
I do add extra curry powder
2 teaspoons chicken stock powder
2 cups milk
1 cup water
500 grams  frozen winter vegetables

Heat milk and water, and add soup mix, curry and stock
Add vegs and then chicken last so it doesn't break up too much

I have added pasta to this.  It is a good standby if you have visitors at the last minute

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I have had a couple of emails asking about my note pads . I know that one picture is side on, but I can't seem to correct it.  These are some of the sticky note (or post it ) pads that I have made.They have magnets on the back. They sell for $5.00 each

These longer one are note pads and have magnets on the back. They sell for $7.00 each

3 Dec. these six have sold, but i will post more over the next few days
Banana Cake
forgot to add that I bake in a loaf tin


Monday, December 31, 2012

New year's resolution

I will aim to post to my blog every week with a favourite recipe, so here is the first one

Banana Cake

3 medium bananas
125 G. butter
3/4 cup sugar
1  & 1/2  cups self raising flour
pinch salt
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1/2 teaspon bicarb soda

     Cream butter and sugar
     Add eggs one at a time
    Peel and mash bananas - add to creamed mixture
    Beat to combine
    Fold in  flour and salt
    Add milk asn bicarb soda

Bake 180 degrees for 25mins or until cooked through

Cream cheese frosting
 125 g cream cheese
 60 g butter
 2 teaspoons hot water
 3 cups icing sugar
     Cream butter and cheese
     Add hot water
     Gradually add icing sugar
Ice cake once cooled

this is delicious and came from my daughter in law.

let me know if you enjoyed it